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 We are located in the small town of Phoenix, right on Interstate Five ( I-5) in Southern Oregon, just North of the Shakespeare Festival Town of Ashland, and the California border. Our workshop is just a couple of minuites off the freeway.

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You are always welcome to come by to visit our shop, To see what Glenn is working on, or to consult in person on a proposed custom harp project. Just call or email first to let us know you are coming, so we don`t miss you !

Please feel free to email or to call in person, to discuss a possible custom harp project with us.

 I look forward to hearing about your harp ideas, Harp Dreams or new harp type that you may wish to have built that has never before been created !
And this includes the small and the simple harps, not just the intricate and complex ones ! :-)

                                                                                                     Glenn J. Hill

  Mountain Glen Harps LLC

                                       809 W. First St. Phoenix, OR 97535 - Phone: 541-535-7700,  535-7700 - Fax: 541 535-5657

                                                                       Skype: glenn.j.hill For Skype calls, please email first.


Thank you for coming to visit my Harp Pages, please let me know how I can bring your Dream Harp to Life !

Follow your Bliss, and live your Life in Joy!

Glenn J. Hill

Member: International Folk Harpers & Craftsmen Association Inc, Association of Science
and Technology Centers,
Siskiyou Woodcraft Guild.

Please follow this link to take a look at my new custom harp builder blog:

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