How to Choose the perfect custom Crafted Mountain Glen Harp to fit Your needs     

Each Harp I build is perfectly crafted to fit the needs and desires of it`s owner and player.

Just share with me the Dream harp that you thought was perhaps not possible to ever see and play, and I will endeavor to build it for you!

I custom build my harps to fit you, the player in all ways possible. I build in almost any number of strings form 10 to 42 natural notes, in single, double and cross harp configurations.

Celtic Harp, Folk Harp, Lever Harp, Irish HarpCeltic Harp, Folk Harp, Lever Harp, Irish Harp

Harps Shown above:  Left, figured Maple 36 nylon strings, "Celtic Knot work" harp. The entire pillar has inter-laced Celtic knot work carved in relief wrapping around the shape. Right, Detail of carved Myrtle wood, "Star Seed Moon", 34 nylon strung harp.

The Sound & Technical Aspects

The most important aspects of your custom harp will be the type of sound that you wish, as well as all the technical aspects of your harp`s design, such as string tension and string spacing. Just tell me about what you have in mind, the number of strings, the desired note range, the type string tension and sound that you desire. As well everything you know about the string spacing you are used to playing on,  or that you have in mind.

The Physical Structure Design Aspects

And then comes all the aspects of the harp`s physical size, weight, and style. The height of the top strings from the floor or from your lap for a smaller harp, is crucial to the design of your harp, so that it will always be comfortable for you to play. Also the size of the top section of the sound box, with it being of a comfortable size for you to reach around. And also the size of the base end of your sound box, that it will be comfortable for you to reach around in the lower octaves.

The Artistic Aspects

Finally comes the artistic aspects of your custom harps design. I have created over 325 custom on-of-a-kind  harps in the last 31 years, in a Very wide array of styles shapes and patterns. Many have had fully 3-D carved figures of human or animal form, from birds in flight to howling wolves, to Mermaids and angels in flight. I have inset and inlaid gem stones and crystals, both natural and man made. Crystal balls and cut gems, and Austrian cut glass crystal with fiber optic lighting are some of the details like this I have integrated into my harps.

Let me know all about the "Harp that you never thought could be created", and we can bring it to life for you ! ;-)

Over-all, your harp can be designed in so many varied ways, in almost an endless range of styles and sizes, and I can guild you carefully through this entire process!



Thank you for coming to visit my Harp Pages, please let me know how I can bring your Dream Harp to Life !

Follow your Bliss, and live your Life in Joy!

Glenn J. Hill

Member: International Folk Harpers & Craftsmen Association Inc, Association of Science
and Technology Centers,
Siskiyou Woodcraft Guild.

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